Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Roomate sleeps in the living room.......... So i do what i do. i cant help it

My Roomate sleeps in the living room.......... So i do what i do. i cant help it.
I wish i could show you guys in a video how much he eats. no lie 7 meals a day. honest!!! and he sleeps in between that.

Friday, November 7, 2008

AMORFATI in the Gonzaga paper

On a generic mid-May afternoon, three friends were hanging out. In a moment of boredom, they decided to start a company.

So they did.

AmorFati Arts began with an idea and has morphed into a philosophy, an expression of art and a full-fledged business. Looking for a way to merge many interests, including graphic design, photography and disc jockeying, junior Devin Power-Bearden, senior Dominique Remy and local Spokane DJ and friend Ian Weber decided that instead of going from internship to internship to get experience, they might as well do it themselves.

"There is nothing in the marketplace that encompassed them all," Remy said of their shared interests. "They all overlap."

After three weeks of texting each other ideas for a company name and many hours on Wikipedia, the group finally settled on "AmorFati," mainly for the meaning behind the word: love of fate.

"We were really drawn to the underlying principles of [AmorFati]," Power-Bearden said.

The AmorFati Arts Web site defines it as "a philosophy in which one sees everything that happens in one's life, including suffering and loss, as good. One feels that everything that happens is destiny's way of reaching its ultimate purpose, and so should be considered good. It is an acceptance of the events that occur in one's life."

"We thought it was very reflective of the path of a college student," Power-Bearden said. "Everything is a learning experience."

Working throughout the summer, sometimes
nearly seven to eight hours a day, AmorFati Arts was legally incorporated July 7, and has been growing ever since. Weber, Remy and Power-Bearden also expanded the talent pool to encompass more skill sets and different arts. Senior Gabe Woodhead joined the group and heads up the clothing department, sophomore Ilaria Lily Ghattas focuses on sales and retail, and junior Giselle Cunanan works mostly with the visual arts, such as photography.

"They always tell you how difficult it is to start a business, but you have no idea," Remy said. "We taught ourselves everything. We would just look up tutorials and learn how to do it."

AmorFati Arts' mission statement is to "increase awareness of all the senses through the arts and give a voice to students through creative media."

"We all kind of flow," Ghattas said of the way their different skills and arts work together.

One of the services AmorFati provides is clothing, a branch of the company that allows for a great deal of customer involvement and participation. On, students can submit T-shirt designs based on themes. The most recent theme was the election-based "Rock your vote."

After the deadline for submissions, AmorFati sends out a message to its Facebook group asking members to go online and vote for their favorite T-shirt designs. This acts not only as a type of market research for AmorFati, but it helps them pick the top two or three designs to make into T-shirts, Remy said. The past two competitions have received more than 450 votes each.

T-shirt design winners receive two free prints of their shirt, a gift certificate to the AmorFati store and an artist's info blog on the Web site.

"Basically fame, fortune and clothing," Remy said laughing.

Based on availability and consumer desires, some of the shirts are made from sustainable, organic cotton, such as the shirts the Crosby student employees wear, designed by AmorFati.

"We wanted to take the initiative.
That means paying a higher price but doing something good for the [African] economy," Power-Bearden said.

"We try to go for the best quality, cut and feel that we can," Remy said. "We want to make a T-shirt that people can go to a party and hang out in."

AmorFati has sold more than 500 shirts to date and made sales as far as California and Arizona.

One shirt, from the "Play on Words" collection, pictures a gorilla
throwing a banana with a grenade-
print peel. The shirt reads, "Gorilla tactics."

The company gets its feedback from online outlets, such as its Web site, Facebook and MySpace pages, and uses what Remy refers to as "guerrilla marketing," that is, solely online marketing, no newspaper or print ads.

Another regular gig AmorFati arts has on its plate is DJ-ing Thursday nights - college night - at the Double Dribble. The group has DJ-ed at Pig Out in the Park, high school proms and homecomings and even restaurants, such as Raw.

Despite the stress and chaos of creating a business from scratch, the members of AmorFati Arts are relishing the experience.

"It has been way cool, but we have seen our fair share of ups and downs," Remy said. "This is going to help us so much in the real world. Our reputation is on the line every time someone hands us a check and an order. We have to deal with real life positive and negative scenarios from employees to clients to customers."

"We get really stressed, but we can look back and say, 'We really learned from that,' " Power-Bearden said.

The group also emphasizes the vast amounts of personal growth and learning that have taken place as the company evolved.

"Every couple of weeks we are completely different people for how much we have learned," Remy said. "This really got us into the business practices of the real world."

The future of AmorFati Arts is somewhat uncertain with several members graduating in May, but Remy says that even with the loss of some seniors, the business should be secure.

"We have begun to develop employees and relationships with companies that should lead to continual growth in the future," he said.

Even as these seniors look to graduation, the group relishes in the learning and growth that AmorFati Arts has taught them.

"This experience has been amazing," Remy said. "We have learned maturity, responsibility, and leadership. It's been so cool. So amazing."

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Tale About The Tip Toeing Native

The Tale about the Tip Toeing Native

To start off i would like to reestablish that this tale is true 100%. So it was a late sunday night and Yaseen(my Roommate) and i had just got back from playing cards at micheals girls house. So anyways we walk in and i changed in my room and went to the Bathroom and used it.... and By changed i mean i just had some shorts on and socks. No shirt shoes etc. And to my knowledge Yaseen went down stairs and used the bathroom and and changed. So then my boy and i went into the Kitchen and prepared a nice dinner together.(ETA 10:30 PM) I made some delightful chicken nuggets (only 2 min in microwave and 2 min in oven under "Broil") PS ranch and spicy mustard were the condiments of choice.(not on the same nugget but every other) And Yaseen made some roman and eggs like he has every day of his life for all three meals..... Real Talk.
So My boy and i are sitting there watching the television.Enjoying our self's when we here something coming from the bathroom.
I though to myself oh Yaseen must be using the bathroom because these noodles run straight thro him. but just to reassure myself i peek across the room to where yaseen was seated. and to my surprise. ol boy was still there. Eating his 3 packs of roman and 4 eggs on one plate.....
So i thought again. and i remembered i do have another roommate named ben. but for the last month he has been residing in newport with his folks due to money issues. So i thought Ben must be home SWEET!!! Ben is one of my best friends!!!! so i smiled and looked back expecting to see a short stocky bearded shaved head man but oh no no no ian..... this was not ben walking to the front door.
TO my surprise and astonishment There was a Native chick standing no higher then 5 foot 1 dressed like she just came from the Pow wow hood walking to my front door.
SHe had a long brade down here back and was in a sweat shirt with all kinds of weird designs on it. and little feet.
For a second i was speechless. and had no idea what to say or do. so a quick thought crossed my mind. is yaseen into native women? i glanced over and noticed his facial expression would say otherwise with a look of confusion.(he always looks confused but more so with this instance) So my head was instantly back onto the Gangsta dressed Indian girl.
"Stop..... Who are you" Spoke ian in a rather confused but stern tone
".........................." nothing from miss Pow wow
"Hello....... Who are you, what are you doing in my House?" Said ian in a not confused tone anymore but mad
the native turned around right as she reached the door.
"what are you doing in my House?" ian repeated
" I had to use your bathroom" Spoke Quite Foot
the looks on ians face is indescribable. and yaseen almost always look confused so he was normal.
so the native girl and i went back and for for a second arguing about how there was a 7'11 gas station across the street and that she should have gone there and she kept expressing how she just had to pee....... Now as another side note. i don't how how this chick got in my Crib. i recall having to use the key because the door was locked.. so i don't believe she had been there long. but we were in the house walking around the Entire time sense we got home and neither of us recall any knocks or the door opening or closing.
" How long have you been here?" Ian expressed
"?" native just moved her shoulders up and down....
"Yes you do know tell me, Did you take anything?" Ian said
"NO I JUST HAD TO PEE" the native said shocking the two handsome young men still sitting.
Then with out any warning she opens the door and rushes out. So i Sprung to my feet and Rushed after her.(Still in just socks and short shorts)
as i rush outside, standing on the porch i witnessed this girl use her Indian ways to hope the fence with ease and take off running. So being as smart as i am i ran thro the gate and took off behind her in the middle of the street.
"I ran college track you will Not out run me!" Ian yelled to miss's she who runs like the wind.
About a block down the road my many years of track had paid off and i cought up to her.(mind you its cold out in just short shorts)
"Whats in your Pockets" Ian demanded out of breath but proud he cought gone with the wind.
"NOTHIN" she spoke
"Pull your Pockets out!" i demanded again
She tried to get away but i grabbed her arm. not hard but enough to let her know she was not going anywhere.
Yaseen comes running up fully clothed and with a coat shoes laced up tight....... i don't understand why he had to go get all ready to come outside..... but i guess he seen i had it under control. Finally i got her to show her pockets. and to my surprise all she had was a lighter, smokes, 1 quarter and 2 dimes...
"What were you doing in my house if you didn't take anything?" i expressed confused and eager to here her answer.
"I had to pee" she said.
So again i went off on how there is a 7'11 across the street and you dont just walk into a strangers house to pee.
"i was in the gray truck" she said. i looked back to my pad and no truck was to be seen. so then i started to get the impression this young Indian girl was on the Peace pipe.... or crack pipe or something. i looked down and seen she was missing one of her kicks.
"Where is your shoe?" i said bewildered
"I lost in jumping your fence" she explained
"So if you did nothing wrong why would you run and not even go back for your footwear?" ian asked.
mind you this whole time she has been struggling to get away. but my strong bod would not allow it.
"Okay well you didn't take anything so come get your shoe and you can go...." ian said showing great compassion
'No i dont want it" young tip toes said
"you dont want your shoe? why are you crazy"Ian said
and Then she Bolted out of my arms and into the Darkness..........
Yaseen and i stared at each other and i said go look in your room and see if anything was taken..
we ran back. i looked in my room right by the bathroom she came out of. and on my desk still sat my ipod, camera, watch, 2 phones, money, knifes, rings, change........... all untouched.Yaseen said everything is still here.
Could this tiptoeing native really just have wanted to use the Can? Did she really not take anything? These among other Questions will never be answered. but it was a crazy night.
So i went out and took her shoe. i figured she would come back for it. but She will never get her shoe again.
Lessions are to be learned here.
A. Lock your doors at all times.
B. Stay off the Peace Pipe.
C. Tie your show Laces

-Iweb Out-

"she who creeps on light feet's" size5 in womens shoe.

Her shoe is now a trophy sitting on my Television

Dj iWeb

Well i am making this so my family will be able to see what i am up to now a days.

Dj iWeb-
This is my new passion. i love to dj. i have saved up for many moons now and have got my own equipment as needed. I have djed everything from a Gay and Lesbo valentines dance(WHICH I DIDN'T KNOW PRIOR THAT IS WHAT IT WAS) so high school proms and Homecomings. so below are just some pictures and i will explain more later. much love ian k.

Djing a Break dance competition

On the tables at my boys house

This was a birthday party for 3 kids turning


Djing at Gonzaga